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Over 220 Small Businesses Empowered Since 2019

At BRANDERMIND, our passion is helping small businesses excel in the digital world. We understand the challenges of getting a business off the ground – because we’ve been there. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide service-based entrepreneurs with powerful, AI-driven marketing solutions.

By combining cutting-edge technology with our deep industry expertise, we level the playing field, giving you access to enterprise-grade marketing at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale, BRANDERMIND is your dedicated partner in navigating the complexities of digital marketing and achieving sustainable growth.

Our Journey

BRANDERMIND was born in 2019 from Ricky Butts’ 15-year experience as a freelance graphic and web designer. Aiming to offer comprehensive solutions, we expanded our team with Demian Poll’s expertise in traffic generation and Brad Menendez’s content creation skills.

Within our first year, we became a trusted partner of the Better Business Bureau in Northern and Central Indiana. Over five years, we’ve empowered over 220 small businesses with tailored marketing solutions, evolving our services to embrace automation and AI technologies.

Our Expertise

Our mission is to alleviate the marketing burden from small business owners, allowing them to focus on their core objectives. Having started several small businesses ourselves, we understand the challenges of juggling operations and marketing.

We envision a world where every small business has access to powerful, AI-driven marketing solutions. Our goal is to help small businesses grow into medium-sized enterprises and beyond, providing the marketing foundation necessary for sustainable growth and success.

Our Commitment

At BRANDERMIND, we’re committed to delivering exceptional ROI and customer service. Leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence, we bring enterprise-level marketing solutions to businesses previously priced out of the market.

We continuously innovate to make internet marketing accessible and valuable to even the smallest businesses. Our dedication goes beyond service provision; we’re invested in your growth, ensuring you never have to worry about where your next customer will come from.

What Our Clients Say

Brandermind is an Amazing group of geniuses! I struggled for three years to get my google issues resolved due to another company that highjacked our page!
Thankfully, in the matter of a couple weeks they had my issues RESOLVED!!

Thank You so much Brandermind. 

Kevin & Michelle Hall

Owners, Superior Garage Door Service

Amazing work!! Always very helpful and gets whatever may need done complete!! Number 1 in my book!! Highly recommend!!

Jenny Cook

Owner, Maid Perfect

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AI-powered marketing boost my business?

AI analyzes data to create smarter, more targeted campaigns, increasing your ROI and customer engagement.

What can marketing automation do for me?

It streamlines tasks like email marketing and social media posting, saving you time and nurturing leads more effectively.

Which businesses are your services best for?

We specialize in helping small to medium-sized service businesses amplify their digital marketing and drive growth.

How do you create a marketing strategy for my business?

We start with understanding your goals, then craft a custom AI-driven plan tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

What's the process to start working with BRANDERMIND?

We begin with a consultation, develop your strategy, implement the plan, and provide ongoing optimization and support.

How do you track marketing campaign success?

We monitor key metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, lead generation, and ROI to measure and improve performance.

Will your AI tools work with my current marketing setup?

Yes, our solutions are designed to integrate smoothly with your existing marketing tools, enhancing their effectiveness.

What ongoing support do you provide?

We offer continuous guidance, regular reporting, and campaign optimization to ensure you’re always getting the best results.

How do you protect my data when using AI and automation?

We follow strict privacy standards and security protocols, ensuring your data is protected and used responsibly.

What makes BRANDERMIND different from other marketing agencies?

We uniquely combine AI, automation, and personalized service to deliver powerful, affordable marketing solutions for growing businesses.

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