The Silver Bullet

Hyper Targeted Advertising For Forward Thinking Companies

One-to-one IP & Device level targeting

BRANDERMIND’S ad tech brings the location-specific accuracy of direct mail to digital advertising. Through our patented IP Targeting technology we target digital ads to your customer by matching IP addresses with their physical addresses, bringing a wide variety of banner and display ads to the sites that the targeted customer visits on the internet. 

The Core Four

IP Targeting, Shooting Range, Heat Seeker & Scatter Shot are the most popular ad-techs that BRANDERMIND utilizes for new clients. These four technologies work great for companies across numerous industries that have a lifetime customer value of $100 or higher. Clients have seen ROAS (return on ad spend) as high as 1,000% when taking advantage of BRANDERMIND’s ground breaking technology.

IP Targeting

We match postal addresses to IP’s with exact precision so advertisers can serve one-to-one targeted digital display and video ads to individual households or buildings using the IP as the entry point.

Shooting Range

Shooting Range allows you to capture people’s Device ID’s at events they attend, where they work, where they study, where they shop, and maps the device back to a household address for targeting.

heat seeker

Target pre, escrow, and new movers in almost real time. Our system refreshes twice daily and connects businesses, and advertisers to consumers in hours, rather than weeks.

scatter shot

Take your CRM, or new customer list and target their neighbors with ads. Digital Canvassing looks at the street name and relative distance of intersections and appends IP’s to their respective homes located within 500 meters of a pre-defined target.


Pricing varies depending on which technology is used and the frequency in which we deliver ads to your targets.  The prices below are starting points.

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