BRANDERMIND Marketing Services

Small Business Websites

Starting at: $1,500 $750

  • Built on WordPress
  • AI Assisted Custom Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Conversion Optimized

Search Engine Optimization

Starting at: $1,000/month $500/month

  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Creation & Optimization
  • Technical SEO

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Starting at: $1,000 ad spend per month

  • Comprehensive Ad Strategy
  • Ad Creation & Design
  • Targeted Audience Segmentation
  • Budget Management

Social Media Management

Starting at: $1,000/month $500/month

  • Strategic Content Planning
  • Consistent Posting Schedule
  • Engagement & Community Building
  • Multi-Platform Management

Email Marketing Campaigns

Starting at: $500/month $250/month

  • Targeted Email List Building
  • Personalized Email Campaigns
  • Automated Email Sequence

BRANDERMIND Automation Services

Marketing Automations

Starting at: $500/month $250/month

  • Lead Generation & Nurturing
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Personalized Marketing Messages

Sales Automations

Starting at: $500/month $250/month

  • CRM Integration
  • Automated Follow-Ups
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Lead Scoring & Qualification

Customer Service Automations

Starting at: $500/month $250/month

  • 24/7 Chatbot Support
  • Customer Feedback Collection
  • Knowledge Base Integration
  • Multi-Channel Support Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AI-powered marketing boost my business?

AI analyzes data to create smarter, more targeted campaigns, increasing your ROI and customer engagement.

What can marketing automation do for me?

It streamlines tasks like email marketing and social media posting, saving you time and nurturing leads more effectively.

Which businesses are your services best for?

We specialize in helping small to medium-sized service businesses amplify their digital marketing and drive growth.

How do you create a marketing strategy for my business?

We start with understanding your goals, then craft a custom AI-driven plan tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

What's the process to start working with BRANDERMIND?

We begin with a consultation, develop your strategy, implement the plan, and provide ongoing optimization and support.

How do you track marketing campaign success?

We monitor key metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, lead generation, and ROI to measure and improve performance.

Will your AI tools work with my current marketing setup?

Yes, our solutions are designed to integrate smoothly with your existing marketing tools, enhancing their effectiveness.

What ongoing support do you provide?

We offer continuous guidance, regular reporting, and campaign optimization to ensure you’re always getting the best results.

How do you protect my data when using AI and automation?

We follow strict privacy standards and security protocols, ensuring your data is protected and used responsibly.

What makes BRANDERMIND different from other marketing agencies?

We uniquely combine AI, automation, and personalized service to deliver powerful, affordable marketing solutions for growing businesses.

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